Church of the Nativity

Old Rite Russian Orthodox

​An Old Rite parish of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (ROCOR). We are located in Erie, PA.

Concerning Holy Water

The water blessed in church on the Eve of Theophany with the Great Blessing is to be preserved in a clean container in the homes of the faithful, and regarded as a great holy object. This water should be used as a blessing in times of sickness by consuming a small portion of it, three times, again "instead of Communion".  This water may also be used to cleanse the Holy Icons in our homes, according to the Russian book 'Domostroy'.  The water blessed at other times of the year, such as the blessing of August 1st (14th), is used in a similar manner, with the only distinction being that it is of the 'lesser blessing'.  Holy water and other holy objects should be treated with great respect and kept in an honorable place of the home, near the holy icons.  Because the holy Cross has been baptized thrice in water, the water has been blessed, and like the Cross, is fearful to demons.