Church of the Nativity

Old Rite Russian Orthodox

​An Old Rite parish of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (ROCOR). We are located in Erie, PA.

Schedule of Services and Confessions - Lazarus Saturday through May 1, 2018

  Friday, March 30/17 - Services for  Lazarus Saturday
Vespers 4:15pm
      Matins 5:00pm (ends approx. 7:15pm)
      Confessions 5:15pm (Fr. Hierotheus)

Saturday, March 31/18 - Lazarus Saturday
Hours & Liturgy 8:15am        

       Services for  Palm Sunday
  Small Vespers 3:50pm
       Vigil 4:15pm     

Sunday, April 1/March 19  -  Palm Sunday
       Hours & Liturgy 8:15am
       Vespers 10:40am 

       Monday, April 2/March 20
          Matins 5:00pm   
          Tuesday, April 3/March 21
          Matins 5:00pm

     Wednesday, April 4/March 22
           Vespers 4:30pm
           Matins 5:30pm

      Thursday, April 5/March 23
            Hours 7:30am
            Vesperal Liturgy 1:00pm
            Matins with reading of the 12 Gospels 5:00pm

      Friday, April 6/March 24
             Royal Hours 7:30am              

      Friday, April 6/March 24 – Great Saturday and Feast of the Annunciation
             Vespers 4:00pm
             Matins  5:15pm

      Saturday, April 7/March 25 - Great Saturday and Feast of the Annunciation
             Confessions for college students and visitors 8:30am
             Vesperal Liturgy 1:00pm
             Reading of the Acts of the Apostles 9:00pm
             Midnight Service with Lamentations Canon 10:00pm
             Paschal Matins, Hours and Liturgy 12:00am              

        PASCHA – April 8/ March 26  
             Vespers 1:00pm
             Matins 1:50pm (ends 3:30pm)

        Bright Monday - April 9/ March 27
              Paschal Hours and Liturgy 8:15am
              Parish Breakfast 10:15am
              Sunday School 11:30am
              Parish Open House at Rectory 12:30pm
              Vespers and Matins 3:15pm (ends 5:30pm) 

        Bright Tuesday - April 10/ March 28
              Paschal Hours and Liturgy 8:15am

        Bright Wednesday- April 11/ March 29
              Paschal Matins 5:00pm

        Bright Thursday - April 12/ March 30
             Paschal Vespers 5:00pm

        Bright Friday - April 13/ March 31  
             Paschal Matins 4:45pm

         Bright Saturday - April 14/1
              Small Vespers 3:50pm
              Vigil 4:15pm

         Thomas Sunday - April 15/2
              Hours and Liturgy 8:15am

Tuesday, April 17/4
      Radonitsa Panahida – 7:30am
      Paschal Litanies (Belle Valley Cemetery) – 9:00am
      Paschal Litanies (Hannon Rd Cemetery) – 9:45am

Saturday, April 21/8 – Services for Sunday of the Myrrh-Bearers
      Confessions – 8:30am (Fr Pimen)
      Small Vespers – 3:50pm
      Vigil – 4:15pm

Sunday, April 22/9 – Sunday of the Myrrh-Bearers
      Midnight Service – 7:30am
      Hours and Liturgy – 8:15am
      Sunday School – 10:50am

Saturday, April 28/15 – Services for Sunday of the Paralytic Man
      Compline – 3:50pm
      Vigil (Vespers & Matins) – 4:20pm
      Confessions – 5:45pm (Fr Hierotheus)

Sunday, April 29/16 – Sunday of the Paralytic Man
     Midnight Service – 7:30am
     Hours and Liturgy – 8:15am
     Sunday School – 10:50am

Tuesday, May 1/April 18 – Services for Mid-Pentecost
      Vespers – 5:00pm