Church of the Nativity

Old Rite Russian Orthodox

​An Old Rite parish of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (ROCOR). We are located in Erie, PA.

Fr. Pimen's Notes- October 2013

Please remember that the new Sunday School year begins on October 6.  As discussed at our parish meeting in August, there will be no preschool class this year due to low attendence.  Instead, three classes will be taught-- Elementary School (students in grades K-6) by Catherine Simon; Middle/High School (students in grades 7-12) by Daria Devlin and Adult Education by me.  With the new technology we added last year and some new curriculum ideas, we are looking forward to a spirtually enlightening year.  Even if you have never come before, please consider making 2013 the year you start.  I hope to see many of you AND YOUR CHILDREN for Sunday School each week from October to May.  Remember, too, to sign up for breakfast prep on one or more Sundays this year.  By rotating this responsibility, we keep the burden from falling on any one set of shoulders! 

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Men's Association and the Ladies Auxiliary for their renewed efforts to recruit and engage members.  Many volunteers have stepped forward to provide help in these areas and I am grateful to them and all of you for working to re-engage the parish as a true community.  Keep up the good work!  If you haven't already, please join one of these groups and attend one of their events.  It is important for us to continue our spritual paths together and to support each other through community fellowship.